Increasing access to Quality ECCD Program

With your support, our local experts are involved in increasing access to Quality ECCD Program so that 78% of 3-5 year old children in Bhutan can also rightfully have access to quality ECCD Program.

In collaboration with our global and local partners SC Bhutan established 34 ECCD Centers. Together, we expect to increase the children having access to ECCD programs to 38% by constructing 150 centers by 2022. 40 Education Officers were trained on quality assessment for ECCD programming to ensure quality in establishment and functioning of ECCDs. SC Bhutan also provided training to 90 ECCD facilitators at the Paro College of Education. The facilitators will be benefiting 2236 children once back at their ECCD centres.

SC Bhutan is continuously working to enhance accessibility and quality of ECCD Program across Bhutan so together we well-prepare our young Bhutanese children to attain formal education.