Institutionalising Playful Parenting through Prescription to Play Project for 0-3 year-old children


Majority of children in Bhutan miss out on opportunities that shape their young brains. One among many reasons for the lack of opportunity is the caregivers’ capacity in playful parenting that promotes early stimulation and responsive caregiving. Bhutan has 26% of 0-3-year-old children with the risk of not reaching their developmental potential.


In September 2019, Save the Children – Bhutan Country Office in partnership with the Ministry of Health launched Prescription to Play (P2P) for 0-3-year-old children with funding from LEGO Foundation. The project included the following activities to improve young children’s play ecology in Bhutan:

  1. Build caregivers’ capacity in playful parenting that will promote early stimulation and responsive caregiving and over a period of 3 years, benefit 56,464 children.
  2. Develop comprehensive evidence-based Behavior Change Communication (BCC) strategy for female and male caregivers focus to provide intensive support to children with developmental delays and disabilities. (This strategy included four components – mass media campaign, advocacy, community mobilization and interpersonal communication, drawn from global best practices, including Alive and Thrive strategy to promote infant and young child feeding for the same age group)
  3. The Country Office also participated in Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC). We created awareness among Asia-Pacific government and bolster existing playful parenting programs for children under 3 by mapping them, highlighting notable practices and linking research experts with pilot programs to generate evidence for future implementation for the benefit of our young children.